How Will COVID-19 Change Commercial Real Estate?

The effects of COVID-19 have been felt throughout all industries, including commercial real estate. As businesses navigate the new world of social distancing restrictions, fewer on-site employees and increased virtual meetings, the commercial real estate industry will no doubt find itself shifting to adapt to new tenant needs. And as real estate needs change, so will IT infrastructure. 

Commercial real estate professionals from contractors to property managers will need to prepare to navigate this new norm. Below, we list some of the factors you should consider.

Increased Need for Consistently Reliable Internet

Regardless of whether a company chooses to resume in-office work, virtual meetings will likely be a go-to choice for many businesses in an effort to reduce group exposure. In addition, more companies are likely to turn to a mix of remote work and in-office work, which may include deciding to stagger employees’ days in office to keep distance between them. 

Now more than ever, commercial real estate properties will need their internet solutions to be reliable since businesses will increasingly rely on internet connectivity and high bandwidth to run daily operations. For older spaces or new constructions, an IT industry expert is the ideal choice to ensure the property is optimized for a rock solid internet connection. 

Access Control Solutions for Maintaining Social Distance

Large commercial spaces in particular will need to assess their current access control systems to ensure they are optimized for maintaining social distance. This is because businesses can help reduce exposure by limiting the number of people who enter a space, regulating who can enter a space and when, and creating socially distant pathways through large-scale offices via enter/exit-only permissions. 

All of this can be achieved with an intelligent, effective access control system. Whether by implementing a new system altogether or by making updates to better handle today’s circumstances, reliable IT professionals can help create a safer, more secure environment. 

Office Layout Changes for Maintaining Social Distance

As businesses ease their employees back into working in the office, health precautions such as social distancing will likely be addressed through layout changes. In order to protect employees, office visitors and clients, offices will need to make changes such as implementing tall paneling between workstations and adding space between desks, communal areas and walkways.

The challenge this presents in terms of IT infrastructure applies mostly to structured cabling and sound masking systems. For existing office spaces, the layout of structured cabling is based on traditional, closely quartered workstations. In addition, sound masking systems are specifically designed to work with the layouts that are currently in place. Significant changes to office layouts, whether temporary or permanent, will require a knowledgeable, experienced IT team to keep IT infrastructure intact, efficient and functional. 

Taylored, Here for the Long Haul

Taylored has been Indiana’s premier source for integrated IT solutions for over 30 years. We offer customized technology solutions to help businesses achieve both their short- and long-term goals, including a variety of commercial property solutions that help tenants make the most of their IT infrastructure. 

We understand that business operations and, as a result, commercial real estate will be significantly impacted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. But it’s times like these that remind us why we’ve always been committed to building long-term relationships with our clients — so we can be the go-to expert for IT services and support while navigating the ever-changing circumstances in our world.

Our approach is client focused. We work diligently to build solid relationships with commercial real estate professionals to provide the best possible service and solutions, even when things are not necessarily business as usual. By partnering with Taylored, you ensure that your tenants’ IT needs will be taken care of no matter the circumstances. 

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