How We Determine Our Service Levels and Pricing

When you’re evaluating your options for cabling, computing and maintenance, price will obviously be one of your chief deciding factors. Taking the time to understand how an installer and services provider estimates their prices will serve you well as you narrow down your options.

All too many services providers make it difficult to discern how their pricing is created — leaving customers at a loss about how their provider came up with the total on their bill. At Taylored, we want to provide you with complete transparency into our pricing and billing. Here’s how we determine our service levels and pricing, once and for all.

The Taylored Difference

At Taylored, we don’t just do business, we build relationships. Our prices are extremely competitive; we pride ourselves on serving clients to the fullest, partnering with them rather than nickel-and-diming them. We don’t install your computers or cameras and then disappear. Instead, we offer clients ongoing support throughout the life of their contract. Essentially, we’re the last IT services provider you’ll ever need.

Your Initial Installation

Naturally, there are some startup costs associated with new networks. From computers to servers to routing, it takes a lot of setup to get an office running. When we outfit a new office space with networking and devices, our team charges for both time and materials.


  • Time: This includes labor installing computers, phone systems and printers; configuring servers, firewalls and routers, as well as adding cabling throughout the building. Labor costs are multiplied by the number of workstations and devices you need.


  • Materials: This covers the cost of the devices and parts required to build your networking and computing stations. Computers, printers, servers, routers, firewalls and cables all fall into this category. Fortunately, our strategic partnerships with cabling and computing manufacturers mean that we can provide customers with very competitive pricing for these products.



Monthly Service Agreements

It’s impossible to run a network without some mechanism to perform maintenance and repairs. Whether internal or external, someone needs to be there to handle a network outage or help team members when a computer acts up.

Luckily, our team at Taylored can provide these kinds of services for you without the cost of a dedicated internal IT department. When you opt for a recurring monthly managed services provider (MSP) plan through Taylored, you get the expertise of our team members well beyond your initial installation. More specifically, here are some of the benefits enjoyed by our MSP customers.

  • Free labor for repairing and replacing warrantied products
  • Network monitoring, allowing us to quickly identify and triage bandwidth and disk space problems and suspicious activity
  • Ongoing IT support for network performance and computing issues
  • Regular maintenance, patch installation and software updates for networks and devices
  • Monthly reporting on network, workstation and server performance
  • The expertise of a full staff of knowledgeable IT experts with the means and resources to keep up with the latest security protections

Consulting Projects

Lastly, Taylored offers consulting for special projects, which is billed separately from monthly plans. For businesses that need networks and hardware evaluated, want recommendations for new systems, or need to convert software or devices to a new product, Taylored is here to help. Our team members work with you to gather project specifications and make product recommendations and system migrations. We then create an estimate that suits your needs.Ready to find out more about working with Taylored? Browse our website to learn about our services, products and company values, or contact us today to request a free quote!