How the Right MSP Helps You Avoid the Vendor “Blame Game”

Technology continues to be the infrastructure of most businesses’ day-to-day functionality, regardless of industry or company size. From small start-ups to medium-size businesses to corporate enterprises, business owners rely on their internet, network, cloud-hosted solutions, communications and other IT solutions to keep their employees and business operations functioning at 100 percent. 

When an aspect of a business’s IT solutions fails, whether the network is down or employees are getting errors on their desktops, the cost to that business’s bottom line can be significant. More often than not, fixing those issues requires business owners to contact multiple vendors simply to get one solution to the problem. Worse than that, vendors can often begin playing the “blame game” and avoid taking responsibility for the issue. 

Not only can this process be expensive and time consuming, but it reflects vendors’ lack of investment in protecting your business and putting your needs first. The answer to this problem? Find a reliable managed services provider, or MSP, to take over your IT vendor management. 

What Do MSPs Do? 

MSPs remotely manage and troubleshoot all of a business’s IT solutions, including everything from software to hardware to cloud-based solutions. They often also offer remote technical support 24 hours a day. 

MSPs help business owners approach IT vendor management more effectively. Rather than spend valuable time on multiple calls to phone providers, internet providers and IT consultants, business owners can make one call to their MSP and trust that the issue will be handled completely.

By serving as a single point of contact for IT help, MSPs help business owners and IT staff respond more quickly to issues. In the event of an emergency IT situation, the staff will know exactly who to call and can focus their attention on other, more pressing matters related to the issue. 


With MSPs, businesses know their IT vendor management is handled year-round at a fixed monthly cost. They will go over the specific details of your contract so you can better predict what potential IT issues may cost in the future. 

Quick Response

When your IT infrastructure goes down, you need a quick solution that can get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Because an MSPs sole purpose is to maintain businesses’ day-to-day technology operations, business owners can trust that they will respond swiftly and take a proactive approach to repair the issue. 

Technical Expertise

MSPs are uniquely specialized and therefore highly skilled at handling IT issues of all sizes and scopes. Their wide range of clients gives them an unparalleled level of expertise in all aspects of IT solutions, meaning business owners can trust that MSPs are qualified to properly diagnose and repair nearly any IT problem that may occur. 

Looking for a trustworthy MSP to protect your business’s IT solutions? Taylored, an IT company offering support for the Indianapolis area, has spent more than 30 years putting our clients first by offering customized technology solutions. Contact us for more information on our services, and find out if we are the right MSP for your business.