How Taylored Is Helping the City of Fishers Stay Safe

When it comes to creating safe, secure spaces, no one understands the need for quality products, services and maintenance better than city officials. As the ones who are responsible for keeping city infrastructures running and residents safe, city officials must prioritize security services such as video surveillance and access control. In today’s tech-forward world, they must also ensure that city services are well connected and able to run quickly — a difficult task if structured cabling and wiring are out of date. 

For nearly 10 years, the City of Fishers and Taylored Systems have teamed up to implement quality structured cabling, upgraded wiring, and cutting-edge access control solutions and video surveillance systems to city service buildings throughout Fisher. 

Impactful City Projects with Powerful Results 

Together, we have been able to upgrade City Hall, Fishers Fire Department buildings, Fishers Police buildings and other city-owned structures to ensure the city can keep its residents and employees safe. 

Structured Cabling & Wiring Upgrades

Prior to working with Taylored Systems, Fishers buildings such as City Hall, fire stations and admin buildings, and police buildings had low-quality, outdated cabling that made it difficult for city employees to implement new technologies and connect devices reliably. We updated wiring that had been in place since the 1990s. 

For the city’s structured cabling and wiring needs, Fishers decided to go with our Berk-Tek Leviton solution. As an enterprise-grade product without the enterprise-grade price, this solution offered the city quality features at a price the local government could fit into the budget. 

The success of those projects led to Taylored being the go-to provider for structured cabling in the brand-new police headquarters. Our team helped from the initial architecture designs to construction to ensure a thoughtfully designed and installed system. 

Video Surveillance

In addition to structured cabling, we installed updated video surveillance systems throughout a variety of Fishers city services buildings. Updated video surveillance systems from our experienced Indiana video surveillance installers helped the city keep employees and residents safe. 

To upgrade the city’s video surveillance, Taylored implemented a high-quality, highly regarded software platform. Completely integrated with other technologies and software, the new surveillance system allowed the City of Fishers to tie its video and access control systems together to better track and flag specific events. 

Access Control

For city structures that required access control solutions, Fishers needed an Indiana door access installer like Taylored Systems to upgrade to a distributed, IP-based access control system. This allowed for each individual access card reader to operate on its own, lowering the risk of potential outages that could affect the entire system. 

Newer, more advanced access control helped put the entire city on one system, which streamlined the experience across Fishers and allowed for better management, maintenance and modern upgrades.

Why Taylored Systems?

When asked why the City of Fishers decided to work with Taylored Systems for its security solutions and cabling needs, Sean Totten, Network Engineer for the City of Fishers, cited the company’s quality of work and talented staff. After vetting multiple solutions, Totten found that Taylored offered the ideal balance of cost, features and innovative technologies. 

“I had confidence that they could deliver what the city needed on those solutions based on my experience with them,” Totten said. “They were winners across the board.”

When asked why he and the City of Fishers would recommend Taylored Systems to other cities and businesses looking for a security and technology solutions provider, Totten cited the powerful results from their work on the city’s structured cabling, access control, and video surveillance solutions. 

He stated that, “...from the first meeting to our continued maintenance agreement after installation, Taylored has been a top-notch provider — communicative, responsive, flexible, straightforward and fair. The city plans to continue using Taylored Systems to maintain and upgrade its security and technology needs going forward to ensure a safer, more efficient city for all.”

At Taylored, we’re passionate about creating customized security solutions for our clients large and small. Contact us to learn more about our services.