How IT Providers Use Wireless Access Point Survey Tools to Get Better Wi-Fi Coverage: What Are My Options?

No matter what industry you operate in or the size of your organization, it’s important that your internet service operates at maximum capacity to keep things running smoothly. To ensure optimal Wi-Fi coverage, many businesses partner with a provider to conduct wireless access point surveys. Using software and innovative tools, these surveys help to determine your business’s level of Wi-Fi coverage, diagnose any issues, and create a plan to improve network speed and eliminate dead spots.

There are various types of wireless access point surveys, including: 

  • Passive. This survey is conducted by evaluating the current network, determining problems and troubleshooting on-site. 
  • Active. This survey is performed after a wireless network has just been deployed to assess the health of an existing network. 
  • Predictive. This survey is conducted without field measurements using blueprints, information about the environment, and software and tools to predict areas of wireless coverage. 

Benefits of Wireless Access Point Surveys

By working with a provider who has access to the right tools, software and expertise, businesses can identify areas where improvements of their Wi-Fi coverage or speed can be made, eliminate dead spots and ensure the wireless signal is as high-performing as possible. 

Wireless access point surveys can be beneficial to new construction projects and building renovations. Providers can perform on-site surveys during which physical measurements and tools are used to determine where wireless access points should be placed and how far coverage will reach in certain areas. Alternatively, a predictive wireless survey using software and blueprints of the project can be used to help layout a Wi-Fi coverage plan prior to construction. 

For existing structures, a wireless access point survey can be beneficial in eliminating dead spots where the Wi-Fi signal has been lost, and in helping to speed up slow wireless coverage in particular areas. During a survey, a provider will conduct a passive survey on-site to evaluate the network, identify problem areas and troubleshoot the issue. 

Innovative Software & Hardware for Wireless Access Point Surveys

Using the latest in wireless access point survey tools, providers can help ensure that business internet coverage is performing as expected and, if not, improve Wi-Fi coverage and speed. Providers use innovative software and hardware to identify areas of poor coverage and create a better design to optimize Wi-Fi access throughout the area. 

For example, Taylored uses Ekahau software and hardware to conduct our wireless access point surveys. A highly regarded brand, Ekahau is constantly updating their software to ensure that the latest in wireless specs — whether it be for vendor-specific access points or new wireless technology such as AX — are factored into the design for optimal Wi-Fi coverage. Using the integrative Ekahau software to create detailed environment reports and wireless access point designs as well as the Ekahau Sidekick to verify the strength of the wireless signal, Taylored conducts wireless access point surveys that will help businesses’ Wi-Fi perform at a higher level. 

Why Taylored?

For those looking for an IT solution provider in Noblesville or across the Indiana area, Taylored offers a range of services, including wireless access point surveys, to help businesses stay up to date. For over 35 years, Taylored has been helping businesses stay secure and in touch with the latest technology with customized IT and tech solutions. 

We know how important it is for your business internet to run smoothly and quickly. We have years of experience helping businesses optimize their Wi-Fi coverage with our industry-leading wireless access point survey tools. We work one-on-one with our clients to conduct wireless site surveys, troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues and implement effective plans to ensure better coverage. We stay up to date with the latest tools and techniques to offer our clients the best possible Wi-Fi coverage. 

Contact us today to see how your business or organization could benefit from our comprehensive wireless access point surveys.