How IT Contractors Could Help Indiana Government Technology

Indiana government employees know that working in the public sector means adhering to strict regulations for security, privacy and budget. This is especially true when it comes to IT services. But with tight budgets and overworked employees, IT departments often can be overlooked, out of date or worse — not as secure as they should be. That’s where a managed IT services provider comes in.

The latest advances in technology, coupled with leading security and an expert support team, makes hiring a managed IT provider a smart, safe and cost-saving solution. Here’s how partnering with a managed services provider can benefit your agency, so that you can better serve your citizens.

It Reduces Costs

It’s no secret that Indiana government budgets are tight. But when it comes to IT expenses, frugal spending can pose a great risk, especially if budgetary choices compromise security.

A managed IT services provider takes over the daily IT operations and maintenance, and drastically reduces operating costs in the meantime by offering a fixed rate for monthly usage. This model is based on ongoing operational costs rather than ad-hoc capital costs, which can result in wasteful downtime and additional expenses.

However, when your Indiana agency takes advantage of IT contractors, you can rely on an experienced team to manage and support all of your back-end infrastructure. This greatly reduces your costs, since you don’t have to worry about operations and maintenance, or the expenses of new hardware.

It Gives You Greater Access to New Technologies

Naturally, the IT industry is the leading expert on technology and IT advances in the marketplace. With IT contractors managing your network and operations, you’ll be at the forefront of the latest technologies and most efficient ways to run your IT systems — something that government IT often doesn’t have the time or budget to do. Your IT contractors will be able to respond to and anticipate your needs with the most advanced solutions, from cyber security to network architecture. They’ll keep you safe and ahead of the curve.

It Allows You to Focus on Critical Tasks

When you entrust your IT to a managed services provider, you free up your IT staff from many routine and time-consuming tasks like managing software rollouts or troubleshooting PCs. This allows them to focus on higher demand projects and the more strategic and long-term tasks that align with agency goals. This is also helpful if you’re short staffed or if your department lacks expertise in a particular area. In this case, you don’t need to be stalled by a hiring freeze since your MSP can manage your entire IT infrastructure if needed.

It Lowers Your Risk

With so much sensitive data, Indiana government agencies are especially concerned with security measures. We take security controls seriously, offering multiple levels of defense that exceed industry standards to ensure that your agency is protected from security threats. With 24/7 remote network monitoring and maintenance for your servers, devices and PCs, we can detect and resolve any issues immediately and around the clock. You’re also protected by off-site data backup, instant fail-over and backup verification to ensure that your data and assets are safe and immediately retrievable in the event of an emergency, without any downtime.

It Provides On-Demand Support

No matter how prepared we are, we can’t stop a system from going down. What we can control is how quickly and adeptly we respond to such an incident. If a system fails after business hours or when your IT staff is out of the office, you’re putting the entire agency at risk. When you partner with an IT services provider, you can count on having your critical systems back up and running as quickly as possible.

A remote support team is there to guide you through your every IT need, from configuring servers to troubleshooting an application. Best of all, they’re on call 24/7, so you’ll have the peace of mind that any emergencies will be quickly handled by an expert team, no matter what time of day.

When it comes to finding a managed IT services provider for your Indiana government agency, you need a trustworthy partner who understands the systematic governmental process and can implement high-security solutions for your mission-critical projects. Here at Taylored, we make your government IT services our priority. From 24/7 monitoring and helpdesk support security to network assessment, design, installation and maintenance, we’re here to manage your IT needs so you can focus on serving your citizens.