How an MSP Can Help You Evaluate IT Solutions and Assets

Routine evaluations are a part of our everyday lives. From annual health and wellness checkups to regularly scheduled vehicle maintenance, we all understand the importance of consistently evaluating our well-being and performance, and making adjustments as necessary. Neglecting to do so can ultimately bring about dire consequences. 

For modern businesses, the same is true for the wellness of their IT environments. Because IT infrastructure and systems are essential to the success of most businesses, a regular comprehensive assessment can help businesses balance costs, mitigate risks and improve their IT systems and solutions. Managed services providers (MSPs) perform these IT assessments to help their clients move their businesses forward.

What Is an IT Assessment?

An IT assessment is an in-depth analysis of your IT systems. The goal of an IT assessment is to evaluate the status and performance of your IT infrastructure, equipment, software and solutions in order to pinpoint areas that need improvement. With an IT assessment, business owners can get a comprehensive view of their IT environment and use that information to make upgrades or updates, decrease operational costs, and determine what is and what is not working in the business’s favor. 

Why Get an IT Assessment?

All business owners should consider getting an IT assessment, particularly those that rely heavily on technology to complete daily operations. This is because the landscape of IT is constantly changing; in order to perform optimally, leaders must have a bird’s eye view of their IT systems, not only in terms of general productivity but also as they compare to current industry standards. 

By finding where your business can make improvements and determining what aspects of your IT systems are working for you or against you, you can shift into a better position to achieve both daily tasks and long-term goals. 

Although all businesses can benefit from an IT assessment, the reasons to get one vary. For example, assessments are beneficial for businesses that need routine maintenance, those that are going through major changes, and those with significant IT system issues.  

What Are the Benefits of IT Assessments? 

An IT assessment can help save businesses money on IT Infrastructure by helping to establish a plan for better IT budget management. An assessment can reveal where your business might have unnecessary IT costs and help you effectively plan for scaling your business in the future. For example, an IT assessment can tell you if your business is adequately prepared for a potentially devastating IT issue such as data loss or a cybersecurity breach. Instead of relying on the break/fix mentality, you can be prepared well in advance, saving time and money in the long run. 

In addition to cost efficiency, an IT assessment can increase awareness of system vulnerabilities and help to reinstate best practices for IT management. 

What Might an IT Assessment Tell You? 

An IT assessment can reveal an array of details about your IT infrastructure that you may be unaware of, including: 

  • The efficiency of your technology as it pertains to your business goals
  • Whether or not your IT systems are in line with current industry best practices and if they measure up against competitors in your industry 
  • The strength of your business’s IT security
  • How well equipped your business is to handle a potential natural disaster, cybersecurity, data loss or data breach incident
  • What kind of specific actions your business should take to improve upon the findings of the assessment

Assessments typically come with a selection of recommendations based on these findings, which give business leaders an idea of what changes they might want to make to their IT systems going forward. For those looking to invest in their IT immediately, a reliable MSP can provide both an IT assessment and necessary IT services and solutions. For those who don’t have the immediate budget for improvements, the assessment can serve as a helpful guide for planning budgets in the future. 

Taylored — IT Assessments for the Indianapolis Area

Taylored has been helping to create and implement custom technology solutions for more than 35 years. By working with businesses and organizations of all sizes and across varying industries to help meet their technology needs, we’ve established ourselves as a premier partner in the Indianapolis area for everything from managed services to technology solutions to IT assessments. 

When it comes to IT assessments, we work one-on-one with our client partners to thoroughly evaluate their IT systems, establishing the strengths of each business’s technology as well as areas that may need improvement. Contact us today to schedule an IT assessment, and see how a comprehensive understanding of your IT systems can make a difference.