Hosted Voice: Take Your VoIP System to the Next Level

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Your phone solution needs a solution. Conventional PBX phone systems and on-premises VoIP may be fine for a single-location business, but if you’re thinking of expanding, hosting phone hardware on-site just doesn’t make sense.

Enter hosted voice: a virtualized solution for commercial phone systems. Just like other cloud solutions, hosted voice moves server and hardware off-site, making it easier to power your system and add workstations and users as needed. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the benefits. More specifically, here’s how a hosted voice system can give your company a leg up.

Hosted Voice: The Next Step in Business Phone Systems

Unless you’ve been stranded on a desert island for the past decade, you’ve probably already experienced some of the benefits of cloud computing. From cloud storage to SaaS applications, virtualization has made remote collaboration, scalability and cost savings possible and has impacted virtually every business on the planet.

So why should your phone system be left behind? It doesn’t have to be. Hosted voice takes the benefits of cloud computing and applies them to your company’s communication systems.

With hosted voice, the physical hardware and infrastructure required by VoIP is stored in an external data center. Phone servers are hosted off-site, so the burden of maintenance and administration falls to external providers, not to you. It also means you can make changes quickly — adding bandwidth, workstations and storage space — adjusting system configuration for a more agile, adaptable network.

Why Hosted?

Virtualization isn’t the only benefit of hosted voice. These systems also allow you to connect all your communications channels: email, voice, chat and video. It’s called unified communications, and it brings all these tools together into a single online platform, accessible from your desk or from anywhere in the globe. If you’re thinking about opening a second — or third, or hundredth — location, you can probably already see the benefits.

Additionally, you free yourself of bulky wiring and power systems. After your initial configuration, each new workstation is essentially plug-and-play, powered through your existing ethernet connection and managed through an online portal. Those benefits lead to a more streamlined, efficient communication network.

Key Benefits of a Hosted Voice System

Here’s how you can level up your business communication with hosted voice:

  • Leverage unified communications systems to connect messaging, chat, video conferencing, email and contacts through a single platform.
  • Experience data center-quality speeds and top-tier security.
  • Quickly add servers, increase bandwidth and adjust configurations to improve system performance and add new locations to your network.
  • Benefit from power over ethernet (PoE), which converts your existing LAN connection into a power source, making it easier to add new workstations without complicated wiring.
  • Enjoy reduced costs, with no additional expenditures for hardware and software upgrades and labor.

Hosted voice is just one part of our new cloud services solutions, a whole package of cloud-based tools for your business. From hosted phone systems to virtualized surveillance servers to innovative cloud computing solutions, Taylored offers every service you could need — powered by the cloud and managed with our best-in-class support.

Want to learn more? Download our free e-book Integrating Communications for a Multi-Location Business to find out how Taylored can assist you as your business grows. Regardless of where you are today — or where you’re headed — our team is here to help you get there.