At the end of 2014, the recession was a distant memory — and no place experienced that more keenly than Taylored’s hometown of Noblesville, Indiana. In fact, the city had more than bounced back. Between 2010 and 2015, Noblesville grew by 13%, blossoming into one of Indiana’s fastest-growing regions.

The city council realized they were experiencing one of those rare fertile periods of economic growth, one that could pay dividends in the future — as long as they were able to capitalize on it now. They needed to attract new businesses that would continue pumping the lifeblood into the local economy. And they needed to act now, while the iron was hot.

Unfortunately, the part of the city most ripe for development — an area known locally as Federal Hills — had a PR problem. The traditional boundaries of Noblesville’s downtown had always stopped just before the White River, just east of this promising pocket of land. Although a great deal of commercial building occurred on the western side of the city before the recession, new growth had begun to stall.

There was no easy way for pedestrians to get across the river to access the shops west of the water. It seemed like the city’s Federal Hills district was destined to remain forever isolated by the limitations of geography — unless the city could find a reason to get people there.

Federal Hill Commons Park Is Conceived

Shopping alone wasn’t doing much to stimulate the Federal Hills area. So the mayor and members of the city council hatched a plan to get residents over the river: a 6.4-acre park, complete with an amphitheater, market plaza, playground and more.

Given the high stakes of this $10 million gamble, the city could not afford to skimp on security. Parks are notoriously difficult to secure — park security has to address everything from everyday mischief to serious offenses like terrorist acts and active shooter alerts.

Essentially, the city needed a top-notch security system, together with versatile, highly innovative equipment that would allow them to keep tabs on a wide range of mixed-use facilities. In short, securing this large of a space would be no walk in the park.

Taylored Hits It Out of the Park with Top-Tier Security Equipment and Planning

Luckily, the city came to Taylored, and we love to tackle new challenges. Our long history of providing affordable, highly innovative security solutions under difficult conditions made us uniquely suited for this job.

Our security site plan employed sophisticated 4k and multi-sensor cameras and powerful servers capable of storing terabytes of video footage. This gave the city acres of coverage, with the ability to zoom for high-detail imagery and pan out for wide-range shots. As an additional advantage, combining high-quality cameras with Noblesville’s existing fiber infrastructure actually saved the city money — much more than if they had opted for less expensive camera systems.

We also installed and trained them to use Milestone, a security camera management solution for flexible control of their surveillance and footage. Noblesville has since made plans to install Milestone in other official city buildings.

Find out more about these innovative solutions in Taylored’s collection of case studies, our Little Black Brag Book. Read what Noblesville officials had to say about our security installations; We think you’ll agree that we’ve earned our bragging rights!