Advice for the non-technical Business Owner: Buying A New Business Phone System

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How to Tell if You Need a New Phone System for your Business

As the President of a company, how will you know when your business needs a new phone system?

An enhanced business phone system can help you run your office more efficiently, perhaps even eliminating the cost of a receptionist. It will improve customer service and enhance your reputation for professionalism. Consider the following points when determining the right time for purchase:

  • If you currently have equipment on-site, check to see if there are any contracts associated.
  • Engage some of your employees in suggestions as to how a system can help make the business run more efficiently. Getting input from those who are doing the work is important.
  • Think carefully about other equipment that may need to be integrated with the new system, such as paging, credit card processing or perhaps medical records systems.
  • If you have to be compliant in the medical world, be aware of this and get the right people involved at the beginning of the process.

Choosing a New Phone System for Your Business

Determining a new system does require some research. There are many good systems out there, such as Toshiba, Zultys and Cisco to name a few. With such a wide variety of phone systems available, you need to know which phone system features you may or may not need. For instance, a Toshiba system can include Voicemail and be enhanced with an outstanding Call Center application. A Zultys system is all in one box, less space required and easy to manage administrative functions.

Think about the aspects of your current system, what do you like about it? What features seem cumbersome to you? Consider if employees may work remotely or travel, if so then keep related features close to mind. Are you considering or do you already have multiple sites? If so, the system will need to have the networking features included.

A few other questions to keep in mind:

  • Do you need to record calls, have conference calls?
  • Would it be helpful for your receptionist to be able to drag and drop calls on her computer?
  • Perhaps think about the benefit of knowing where your staff is located, are they in a meeting, can you reach them by Cell?

You need to uncover which phone system features are an absolute necessity for your business and which features you could succeed without.

Choosing the Right Provider for your Office Phone System

You will want to look for a provider, a partner in the decision process. Choosing the right vendor and system is critical to your business. Your partner should be committed to you and your business, not just making a sale.

Look for a partner that can evaluate your voice and data services, help guide you toward the features and functionality you need today, along with a system that will grow with your business. Ensure the provider is really looking out for your best interest. Don’t get pressured into purchasing features you don’t need and/or that go beyond your budget.

Choosing a Phone System that Fits your Budget

So with all of that being said, now comes the question, “Do you have the budget for a new office phone system?” While deliberating on whether to purchase, keep in consideration the current costs for maintaining your old system and how inefficient it may be. Most office phone systems can be purchased so there are no monthly fees to be paid after installation. A partner such as Taylored Systems may offer leasing agreements so if you are ready to purchase but do not have the cash, there is an option.

If you determine that the budget may not be available immediately also consider other reasons that you may not be quite ready for a new system. If you are a new business owner you can start with single analog phones. There is no need for an office with staff of 3 to purchase a large on-premise system. There is the option for a hosted solution but with that equipment, there is a monthly fee. It may be wise to start with single phones, do the research, watch how the business is growing, then determine system needs for future growth.

Buying A Phone System

If after full evaluation and research of new system you decide to move forward, ensure you fully understand the implementation process.

Your telecom partner should ask very detailed questions at the beginning of implementation. There should be a new phone system checklist, including such items as ordering or moving local phone lines, mapping of telephone locations, detailed engineering of the new system, full system testing, installation and training.

PhoneAs the customer, it should be understood how the installation will affect the daily operation. It is also important to ask what the provider’s expectations are regarding access to the facility and staff. Will the provider ensure a seamless implementation? We would be pleased for you to contact Taylored Systems for more help on phone system upgrades and consulting on your specific business needs.