5 Benefits of Cloud-Based Phone Services for Remote Workers

In today’s changing world, businesses are increasingly turning to the cloud for a variety of business solutions including data management, storage, network security and even phone systems. 

Cloud-based phone services have been helping businesses run more efficiently for years; however, demand for these convenient systems has increased in the wake of recent events that have caused many businesses to operate remotely. There are a variety of benefits of cloud-based phone systems for businesses and remote workers alike. 

What are cloud-based phone systems? 

Also known as voice over internet protocol, or VoIP, cloud phone systems are a modern, flexible and affordable alternative to standard phone systems. With cloud-based phone systems, small businesses and large businesses can experience real-time voice calls over IP networks rather than being tethered to a traditional phone line. VoIP offers the convenience and professionalism of traditional landlines plus the speed and accessibility of the internet. 


One of the key benefits of cloud phone systems is the low installation and operational costs compared to those of a traditional phone system. In the current remote working climate, it would be frustrating and costly for businesses to install traditional phone lines in their employees’ homes. With cloud-based phone systems, businesses can maintain the professionalism of a dedicated work phone line without the high infrastructural costs. 


As business needs continue to shift and grow in the modern world, now more than ever business owners are looking for solutions that can be adaptable and flexible to whatever changes may occur. Cloud-based phone systems allow staff to work from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. Whether an employee is only temporarily working from home or the business is shifting entirely to a remote staff, cloud-based phone systems offer an extremely flexible solution that can be utilized regardless of where employees are based.

Many VoIP services also include additional features such as web & audio conferencing for collaboration, long-distance calling, call forwarding/blocking/transferring, texting, group chats and more, giving businesses a wide range of flexible communication options to choose from.  


If the idea of cloud-based phone systems unnerves you, rest assured that VoIP technology is extremely reliable. Most cloud-based phone service providers use what is known as geographic redundancy to ensure the clarity, quality and reliability of their network. This means that not all components of the system are housed in the same location, making it very unlikely that remote workers will experience downtime or disruptions to call quality. 


In light of recent events, business owners are realizing that anything can happen, making it a higher priority to ensure all new solutions can adapt based on changes in the future. Cloud-based phone services allow small and large businesses to scale their phone systems as their business models grow or change. Because the system is connected to the internet rather than physical infrastructure, they can be easily updated and integrated with new solutions and services. 

24/7 Support

Nothing is more frustrating when implementing remote working solutions than technical difficulties. Thankfully, many cloud-based phone systems, such as those offered by Taylored Systems, are backed by 24/7 service and support. Whether a remote employee needs to troubleshoot an issue or a business owner is looking for recommendations on how best to implement their new solution, Taylored’s cloud-based phone service team is there to support clients whenever the need arises. 

Taylored, the Cloud-Based Phone Service Experts

For over 30 years, Taylored has been helping businesses throughout Indianapolis and beyond advance their IT services and solutions, including communication systems. Our cloud phone system experts help clients design, implement and manage the best system for their needs — and our cloud services are reliable, flexible and backed by our experienced team’s support.

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