317 Area Code: Changes Are Coming

317 Area Code map

If you live in the Indianapolis metropolitan area, you need to prepare for changes in how you make local telephone calls.

  • Starting on September 17, 2016, all local calls in the 317 area code will require 10-digit dialing. In other words, you’ll need to dial 317-XXX-XXXX to complete a local call.
  • A six-month grace period started on March 19, 2016. Between now and September 16, 2016, you’ll be able to complete local calls with either 7 or 10 digits.

The new dialing pattern is necessary so that new telephone numbers can be added when needed. Starting on October 17, 2016, new numbers will be assigned using either the 317 area code or the new 463 area code.

If you have a 317 phone number, your number will not change. But:

  • You will need to dial 10 digits (area code + number) for each local call.
  • Calls that were local before 10-digit dialing will still be local. Rates and local calling areas do not change because of 10-digit dialing or a new area code.
  • Toll calls will still use 11 digits (1 + area code + number).
  • You will be able to use either 7 or 10 digits to complete local calls during the six-month grace period. If you try to make a local call using 7 digits after September 17, 2016, a recording will ask you to try again with 10 digits.
  • Any 7-digit numbers in fax machines, alarm systems, speed dials, other devices and phone systems will need to be reprogrammed to include the area codes.
  • Any safety and security equipment, including medical alert devices and alarm systems, must be programmed to use 10-digit dialing. If you are not sure whether your equipment needs to be reprogrammed, contact your medical alert or security provider. Any needed reprogramming should be done between March 19 and September 17.
  • If you have advertising materials, signage, stationery, or identification tags with 7-digit phone numbers, they will need to be updated to include the 317 area code.
  • Calls to three-digit services such as 211, 811 and 911 still work the same as they do now.

To learn more about the change, visit our website at www.taylored.com/faq, send us an email at service@taylored.com or call the Taylored Systems NOC at 317-776-4003.