Smarter Physical Security for Smarter Criminals

The story of criminals and IT professionals plays out like an old spy-heist movie, with our industry constantly improving our technology to outsmart the bad guys, and the bad guys constantly trying to crack the codes on our technology. But for the most effective types of security, it’s not just about the gadgetry or materials of each new piece, but rather the intelligence behind them. If you’re looking for ways to strengthen your physical security, against tenacious criminals, you can’t beat the latest in smart security tech.

Smarter Surveillance Cameras

You’re probably already aware that surveillance is one of the best ways to monitor your business, especially in the areas where criminals think they’ve got a place to hide — like outside near exits, or in stairwells or on-site parking lots. This is a way to catch criminals but also deter any potential intruders; signage indicating your advanced security system is always a great way to send them on their way.

There are plenty of different types of surveillance equipment with increasing levels of technology to suit your security needs, including:

  • Resolution. High-resolution cameras (in 720p and 1080p resolution) for a sharper image and clearer details, which help identify faces and license plate numbers when necessary.
  • PTZ camera. This type of security camera offers pan, tilt and zoom functions to monitor a more expansive coverage area.
  • Outdoor camera. With a weatherproof exterior and heavy-duty manufacturing, this camera can withstand extreme temperatures and conditions.
  • Thermal camera. This type of camera offers visibility to images we can’t even see. Thermal imaging picks up presences based on heat radiation and can detect criminals in situations where a traditional camera can’t, such as low lighting or camouflaged conditions.
  • Panoramic camera. With a 360-degree coverage area, this type of camera is as good as having a security personnel staffing an area 24/7.

Surveillance Video Management Software

The most high-tech cameras are only as good as the software that powers them. With video management software, your footage is centrally located and accessible. This works well for businesses with employees who work remotely, and even larger organizations with multiple sites, since all locations can be managed from one site. Some other highlights include:

  • Quicker access to stored footage. Forget all the wasted hours scanning through tapes. Filter your views by time, date or other specification for immediate viewing.
  • Viewing and sharing is simplified. Footage is accessible by all authorized parties locally and remotely, and via desktop or mobile. Sharing footage is simple, too, since video clips and stills can be exported and shared.
  • Smarter detection with analytics. Use algorithms to retrieve specified footage such as facial recognition, cross line detection, people count and more.

Biometric Access Control

Of course, you will need to be able to authorize access to your building for safe entry and a more secure workplace for your employees, property and data. While key fobs and ID cards are a common form of access control in the workplace, they’re not the most secure. These items are easily lost and stolen, and just one misplaced key card has the potential to risk an entire organization. For a foolproof method of access control, consider fingerprint authentication or face recognition, which are secure enough to be used by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security.

Integration of Video and Access Control

As an alternative to biometrics, integration of video and access control can also manage security in a way that is streamlined and shareable among authorized personnel. Both systems can be monitored from a single interface in real time, so data collection is more efficient. Plus, the visibility component of access control leaves no room for error, making this centralized surveillance a more powerful security measure overall.

Physical security is imperative for creating a safer workplace for your employees, but if you don’t have security in place for your data as well, you’re risking serious threats to your business. Download our free e-book The Short List of Physical Security Solutions to learn everything you need to know about safeguarding your business assets. You can also contact us at Taylored Systems for advice on how we can tailor our IT solutions to best suit the needs of your business.