How Taylored Is Helping Indianapolis’s KEMBA Credit Union Obtain Better IT Support

Over 20 years ago, Indianapolis-based financial institution KEMBA Credit Union partnered with Taylored Systems for the first time to install digital phone communication communication systems. In the past year, Taylored has installed a hosted VOIP system to replace their aging phone system. Because of the excellent implementation, support, and responsiveness to Voice-related services over the years, Kemba sought help from Taylored for IT Services as well. 

KEMBA Credit Union VP and COO Brian Wilkerson recalled other IT support providers, citing slow response and an impersonal approach to service as the key reasons KEMBA chose to leave their previous provider. KEMBA also tried working with a single IT support person. Although that employee’s work was praised, the credit union ultimately decided that it was unsafe for their IT systems to rely solely on one person. In the event of an accident or other emergency, KEMBA’s IT infrastructure could potentially be left unsupported with no option for backup protection. So they began the search for another provider for their IT needs. 

As a financial institution that handles sensitive client and employee data, KEMBA’s need for immediate response to IT issues and layers of protection was paramount. Wilkerson found that other local financial institutions recommended Taylored with resounding positivity. Remembering their positive experience with Taylored for VoIP solutions, KEMBA leadership contracted Taylored to handle a variety of IT needs. 

Hosted VoIP Unified Communications Systems

Taylored’s partnership with KEMBA Credit Union began over 20 years ago. KEMBA was looking for ways to improve their member experience with a comprehensive communication system that was secure, reliable and industry compliant. As we do with all of our clients, we gave KEMBA our best recommendation for their specific needs, and together we chose a system that offered everything they needed for one low monthly cost. We handled any issues directly with their respective carriers to ensure that the KEMBA team could focus on what it does best — providing superior service to its members. 

IP Video Surveillance

As our partnership with KEMBA Credit Union grew, we also provided IP video surveillance to help keep the credit union’s members and employees safe. Our comprehensive video surveillance solution included high-resolution cameras, digital zoom, 24/7 monitoring, 30 days of recorded video retention and more. We were able to incorporate the video surveillance solution into KEMBA’s teller windows and ATMs to ensure even more safety for the credit union’s staff and members. 

Managed Services

These positive experiences with Taylored’s VoIP and IP video surveillance solutions led KEMBA to choose Taylored as their IT managed services provider. One of our main focuses was meeting the credit union’s desire for quick and efficient response times around IT issues. 

We understood KEMBA’s frustrations with past providers and wanted to show how quickly we can be there for our clients. We have helped simplify their IT and upgrade their VPN for remote work and remote assistance for IT issues, and we continually work to improve their technical growth and flexibility. We were integral in refreshing their IT infrastructure for the January 2020 support cutoff date for Windows 7 and helped to streamline their overall IT landscape. 

In addition, we prioritized network security. As a financial business, KEMBA must keep sensitive financial data, customer information and employee details secure — both to protect clients and staff as well as to remain in compliance with industry regulations. We provided all of the necessary safeguards for comprehensive network security against viruses, malware and other cybersecurity risks.

Why Taylored Systems?

Since choosing to work with Taylored, KEMBA has seen a variety of positive changes in their IT. The biggest and most impactful, according to Wilkerson, is response time. The VP praised Taylored’s quick response and ability to approach issues remotely, which is convenient and fast for clients. 

When asked why KEMBA Credit Union chose to partner with Taylored Systems over other Indiana IT providers, Wilkerson cited Taylored’s status as a local company, our high level of responsiveness and our ability to provide a more personal touch while also offering an expert level of IT knowledge. 

“Honestly, that has been the best thing we’ve ever done regarding IT. . . . They’re very responsive. We’re just very happy with that decision. Bottom line is we’re a small credit union. We don’t have that technical IT support employee. We rely on [Taylored] and we’ve used a lot of different IT companies over the years. We’re very happy with Taylored’s performance,” Wilkerson said. “Taylored gives you a personal touch. I wouldn’t hesitate to call them, and they always answer.” 

In addition, Wilkerson said that Taylored offers a “proactive, not reactive” approach to IT, giving our clients advice on solutions to protect against potential issues before they occur. 

At Taylored, we’re passionate about creating customized communications and IT solutions for all of our clients. As a local Indianapolis IT support provider, we can offer a level of individualized support that nationwide companies simply cannot beat. Contact us to learn more about our services.