Case Study: How Taylored Solved Security Design Issues in the City of Greenwood’s Freedom Springs Aquatics Park

What do you do when you need to secure your city’s huge new public aquatics center — and you need to do it all in less than 30 days?

For the City of Greenwood, Indiana, the answer was simple: call Taylored Systems. In just under a month, Taylored designed and installed a cutting-edge surveillance network, complete with top-tier equipment — all well before opening day.

Today, Freedom Springs is a bustling community center offering swim lessons, scuba classes, party rentals and public events, as well as pool and water slide access all summer long. But back in 2015, things were looking dire for park security until Taylored stepped in.

Overcoming Site Challenges

With three separate water slides, a lazy river and a 25-meter lap pool, we knew we had a whole lot of ground to cover. And there was another challenge, one that made a traditional cabled network virtually impossible.

Because the construction was so far along, the pools were already dug out and filled with concrete, and the decking was installed — effectively turning the area into one big barrier for Wi-Fi signals. That meant our technicians had to find some sort of alternative to conventional cabling, the usual communication system for security cameras. And they had to act fast if they wanted to have it installed within 30 days.

Network Design That Transcends Boundaries

Luckily, our technicians live for this kind of challenge. And they aren’t exactly what you’d call greenhorns, either; most have been working together for years. So when the city of Greenwood approached us, we put our heads together and came up with a state-of-the-art solution.

Mesh networks are a new wireless architecture concept that allow sites to forego conventional cabling. Instead of transmitting data through cables, a radio antenna broadcasts wirelessly to devices installed throughout the park. Those wireless links receive the signal and redirect it to nearby security cameras, thus ensuring total coverage across the park — and a safe and pleasant visit for everyone who enters. That made it a huge hit both with area locals and with the city officials leading the project.

But you don’t have to take it from us. Our huge roster of satisfied customers pretty much speaks for itself. You can see what our clients said about the Greenwood site and read other case studies in our Little Black Brag Book. We know it’s not polite to brag, but when you have a client record like this, it’s hard to stay silent!