Healthcare IT Services

Organizations in the healthcare industry have a lot on their plate, especially healthcare providers with round-the-clock responsibilities. The sheer volume of responsibility most organizations must handle doesn't leave much time or resources for handling essential IT services.

Because of this, many healthcare organizations make the decision to outsource their IT services. This small investment typically produces big returns that benefit both organizations themselves and, more importantly, the patients.

What Does a Healthcare IT Consulting Company Do?

Modern healthcare providers and companies must invest significant resources into their IT capabilities. In addition to being essential for basic operations, healthcare IT systems must also adhere to all legal requirements designed to protect patient privacy.

Sadly, healthcare IT systems are an attractive target for cybercriminals. These systems contain all kinds of personal information that could easily be used for sinister purposes, and as a result, they are frequently hacked. According to a report from Critical Insights, 45 million patients were affected by cyberattacks in 2021. In addition to impacting patients’ lives outside of a healthcare context, cyberattacks also hurt an organization’s ability to deliver care. Hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics and other providers have a very low tolerance for extended downtimes and disrupted systems.

The challenge of protecting healthcare data is even greater than other industries given the strict requirement laid out by HIPAA and other regulations. Violations of these laws can have massive negative repercussions for healthcare organizations, such as devastating fines and lasting damage to reputation.

Companies that provide healthcare IT services are uniquely positioned to handle the complicated, high-stakes nature of the industry they serve.

Taylored Systems Can Provide Your Healthcare IT Services

At Taylored Systems, we understand the unique IT challenges faced by organizations in the healthcare industry. Using our skills and experience, we’ve helped clients in the industry address their unique security challenges and regulatory requirements.

We also understand that healthcare organizations aren’t just focused on cyber security and compliance. Doctors, nurses, administrators and others need an IT system that helps them do their job. Our professionals make sure our clients’ healthcare IT systems can provide rapid access to essential medical data. We do this through several different healthcare IT services.

Managed Healthcare IT Services

Each healthcare organization has different IT needs, from initial consultation to installation and beyond. We offer a range of managed IT services that cover all of the essential needs of a healthcare organization. Using years of expertise, our IT consultants are able to accurately assess an organization’s technology needs and recommend solutions that improve efficiency, support cybersecurity and ensure compliance. We specialize in providing IT program management, migrations, strategic planning and system integration. We also provide managed IT services for specific areas of healthcare.

Hospital IT Solutions

A critical part of managed IT services for hospitals is understanding the structure of hospital departments and the IT needs of each department within that structure. Inpatient clinical applications are different from ambulatory applications, which are different from business applications. From providing technical support to cybersecurity, our IT team members are well-equipped to handle the many facets of hospital IT services.

Doctor’s Office IT Solutions

Keeping up with changing technology and new regulations can be difficult for any business. But it's particularly challenging for small and medium-sized businesses. An in-house IT team at a doctor's office may be able to keep up with managing hardware and software needs. However, managed IT services can help ensure a doctor's office keeps up with everything from new technology to the latest cyber threats.

General Medical IT Solutions

Medical businesses and organizations need to create and maintain a comprehensive IT strategy. A managed IT services provider can provide comprehensive consultation to healthcare organizations, ensuring they continue to deliver quality care and services to patients.

Dependable Cloud Services

Even the smallest of healthcare organizations must be able to deal with massive volumes of data. Many organizations are able to keep up with the increasing demand for data storage through the use of cloud computing.

Our secure and compliant cloud services can eliminate your data capacity and availability concerns, allowing your organization to deliver superior care around the clock. Our services can also scale with your organization as it grows and be flexible enough to meet changing workloads.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Nobody wants disaster to strike their IT system, but it can happen and our healthcare IT services include robust backup and disaster recovery plans. Without these plans, critical patient data could be lost forever in the event of a disaster. Our services prevent this from happening with the compliant storage of critical data in multiple locations that are protected with built-in encryption. Our tried-and-true methods will keep your critical data secure, up-to-date and readily accessible.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Management

The healthcare industry doesn't sleep, and neither should healthcare IT services. We provide around-the-clock network monitoring to make sure your system and assets remain up and running. Our monitoring service is designed to proactively identify problems so they can be addressed as quickly as possible. We work hard behind the scenes so your patients can receive uninterrupted care.

Taylored’s healthcare IT services simplify your day so you can focus on giving your patients the care and attention they deserve.

The Business Benefits of Using Healthcare IT Services

When a small or medium-sized organization outsources its IT services, it gets the immediate benefit of the services themselves. However, using healthcare IT services also translates into several business benefits.

Access to Greater Expertise

When an organization depends on in-house IT services, its team members tend to stay focused on one particular niche within the healthcare industry. Healthcare organizations that outsource their IT services, on the other hand, gain immediate access to IT with a much broader range of expertise.

Third-party IT professionals often work for many different clients over the year. As they work on different projects, they collect more experience that can be used on subsequent initiatives. Additionally, staffers at a third-party provider have a greater need to keep current with the latest developments. Even the most diligent in-house IT staffers would find it difficult to maintain the breadth of experience and awareness of IT staffers from a third-party provider.

In addition, providers are highly motivated to have staff members with different types of expertise. Whether your organization needs help with hardware, software, cybersecurity, networking, or technical support, it's highly likely that a third-party provider will have the necessary in-house expertise.

Lower Costs

It might seem like keeping healthcare IT services in-house is the lower-cost route, but this approach has hidden costs that are easy to overlook. In addition to paying in-house staff, they also need benefits like health care insurance and paid time off. It also costs money to hire and train in-house staff. If there is turnover, the cost of replacing in-house IT employees can be significant.

With outsourced healthcare IT services, costs are specifically focused on handling responsibilities and completing projects. Organizations do not have to worry about turnover, training or other indirect costs.


Growing pains are good problems to have, as they say, but when it comes to healthcare IT services, growing pains may be unnecessary. Outsourcing these services allows an organization to quickly scale up, and possibly hire more in-house IT staff down the road. If an expansion requires new types of expertise, an organization can quickly access that expertise through its service provider.

Greater Flexibility

After a global pandemic and rapid inflation have rocked economies around the world, organizations are finding they must be quite nimble to handle major unexpected events, which seemed to be happening with increasing regularity.

Outsourcing healthcare IT services allows an organization to meet its current needs without committing to a specific staff size. In addition to being better positioned to handle the next major event, organizations that outsource their services are better able to handle quarterly fluctuations. Outsourcing also means greater flexibility with respect to expertise. If there is suddenly a temporary need for certain skills, a service provider should be able to meet that temporary need.

For medium-sized and large organizations, outsourced healthcare IT services give more flexibility to an in-house IT team. Bigger organizations can leverage IT services to augment capabilities they already have or give their in-house team more freedom to focus on important IT functions and responsibilities. For example, IT personnel from a service provider could be used to handle customer support, network monitoring, and other routine tasks while the in-house staff works on important new initiatives.

Make Taylored Systems Your Central Indiana Provider for Healthcare IT Services

We understand that healthcare providers are pushed to their limits every day. You’re no stranger to high-stakes situations, and in life-and-death situations, every moment counts. You want your support staff focused on what matters most – the patients you serve — not IT. Let the experts at Taylored Systems handle that, instead. 

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