Taylored Complete Plus

Provides a new standard for updating technology, ongoing training, convenient consultation, and best use of your current technology with a five-year fixed monthly cost for all services. This managed service offering covers all service work, programming changes, moving equipment or even moving to a new location.  This solution lets you budget your technology five-years at a time with no surprises. This is a great way to take advantage of the financial benefits of hosted voice, but not all the headaches of voice over the public internet.

Hosted Voice

Hosted Voice is a managed service where the processing power of your voice communications is situated at a remote location, usually referred to as the cloud. Taylored Systems offers Hosted Voice from three different companies: NEC, Zultys and ESI. Each brand has a different price point, different features and different means to achieve the same end—but all will help you be more efficient and cost-effective. Most companies opt for Hosted Voice because it helps them reduce capital costs. These businesses prefer not to take on the financial burden of installing and maintaining voice servers on site. Or they notice that a monthly payment schedule better fits their budgeting. Regardless of your reasons, we at Taylored are here to lend a helping hand. Let us help you find the right Hosted Voice product for you.

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Managed Video

Video surveillance is an important piece to an organization’s security and function. Whether a business is protecting assets, monitoring activity, or using analytics to increase efficiencies video surveillance can be a key. Taylored Systems has noticed camera quality increases and software upgrades coming more rapidly than ever. Because video is often reactionary, we have also noticed the importance of monitoring the server that ties this all together. Using our expertise and experience we have developed a program to keep your video simple. Leave it in the hands of the experts at Taylored Systems. Under a monthly investment, Taylored Systems will monitor your video solution’s software and server, provide unlimited remote requests (i.e. export recorded video), provide strategic planning for camera upgrades, and keep lenses clean to provide optimal views, among other benefits.


Taylored Systems team of experienced estimators from our sales team to our two RCDD’s are here to help you with budgetary project numbers or a firm estimate for your project. This includes estimating projects for your Structured Cabling, Overhead Paging, Sound Masking, Video Surveillance, Door Access, Distributed Antenna Systems or a new Phone System. You can count on Taylored Systems as a trusted advisor to give you an accurate cost for your project as well as a showcase installation.

Cost Analysis

A crucial part of any business decision is to determine the Total Cost of Ownership.  Through our multiple relationships, we can perform an assessment of your current environment.  Taylored Systems specializes in designing custom systems based on each customer specific needs, goals, and budget.  Through our experience we’ll analyze the cost of implementation, upgrades and ongoing management cost in creating customized, cost-effective solution.  Doing an assessment is a way to insure your services are in order and competitively priced.  The assessment can evaluate your business decision and calculate a Return on Investment (ROI).   Taylored Systems is a trusted partner with our customers in order to provide outstanding service and long term relationships.


The technology professionals at Taylored Systems know the benefit of having a staff that is fully trained.  We can provide both end user and technical training and work with the client to determine which type of training will best fit their needs.  Whether it’s on-site or via webinar for remote users, Taylored Systems is flexible and will make sure your employees are thoroughly trained for optimal productivity.  And as your staff grows or changes, we offer follow up training so all of your employees are up to date on the latest technology. Some of our long-term clients will recognize their same trainer through many different implementations. Our head trainer on our voice products has been training on phone systems for over 20 years.

Carrier Order Process

taylored communicationsLet our team take the stress out of carrier service orders. We have dedicated staff to project manage carrier installations, regardless of the complexity, to ensure every milestone is met from kick off to cutover. We will start with a needs analysis to understand exactly what solution will best fit your application. Once the decisions are made and carrier contracts are signed, our NOC Agents will take control. We will prepare all of the order paperwork and work with our channel partners to keep the order moving past every milestone. Throughout this process, you can count on us to communicate status with you and your team every step of the way. You’ll never be stuck waiting on hold for updates or be alone trying to navigate endless voicemail menus to get the job done. We will eliminate the headache and provide you clear updates.

When it comes time to turn up your carrier services, we will be there to help you make a smooth transition. Just consider us an extension of your back office so that you can focus on the broader scope of the project.

You will be happy to know that our work doesn’t stop when the install is done. Our NOC Agents will complete a detailed review of the first invoice for accuracy. If there are any problems, you can count on us to open a dispute and manage the ticket until the correction appears on the invoice.

Let us be your partner for success so that you can focus on your core business while we provide expert support.