Business Phone Systems in Westfield

If we've learned anything over the past two years it's that communication is critical to maintaining effective business operations.

Strong communications are critical in fast-growing central Indiana. For example, Westfield is quickly gaining a reputation for growth, especially for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Regardless of how small or large your organization is in central Indiana, it is important to have robust communications systems with multiple channels. Each channel is best suited for different types of communications and despite digital technologies becoming more prominent by the day, it is still important to have a modern telephone system.

Installing a business phone system isn't as straightforward as setting up a phone line in your home. Modern business phone systems include many different features and come in several different formats.

If your company is looking for new business phone systems in Westfield or the surrounding areas, you should know precisely what your company needs. Common features of a business phone system include automated answering, conference call capabilities, call forwarding, multiple lines, an on-hold system and headset support.

When your company has the right business phone system, it has exactly the right number of features, as extra features could translate to unnecessary costs. Phone systems can be categorized based on three major operating systems: key system units (KSU), private branch exchange (PBX) and voice over internet protocol (VoIP).

Key System Unit

KSU is often described as the most basic business phone operating system. For small companies that do not have a lot of phone use, a basic operating system may be sufficient.

With this business phone operating system, a primary switching unit is used to route calls through specific lines. KSU systems are capable of providing or supporting many essential functions, including an intercom system, a paging system, hold lines and speakerphones.

Although a KSU is a reliable system, it cannot provide the versatility necessary for organizations with large numbers of employees or for companies that are growing rapidly.

Private Branch Exchange

In use since the 1980s, PBX systems have been revolutionized by the internet. Today, PBX systems are the most advanced phone systems available. They are ideal for large companies that depend on a high volume of phone calls, especially companies that do international business.

PBX systems can also be customized to provide several advanced features that focus on ease of use, privacy and security. As a centralized system designed to handle large volumes of calls simultaneously, a modern PBX system is designed to prevent interruptions of any kind.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

VoIP is a term used to describe a phone system that operates over an internet connection. Making and receiving calls is done through a handset, an application on a computer, a smartphone or tablet device.

In a business class VoIP system, employees can call one another regardless of location, so long as they are connected to the internet. Because this is a cloud-based service, a business VoIP service is typically associated with more functionality than what can be achieved through a traditional PBX system. A VoIP system is more flexible, offers higher quality and can include data encryption, making it a superior option with respect to security.

Business-class VoIP systems have also been shown to operate faster than traditional PBX systems. This means calls can be routed more quickly, reducing waiting times and increasing customer service scores. In some situations, business IP phone systems can even be less costly than PBX systems.

While VoIP technology may sound like the exclusive domain for big business, there are IP phone systems for small business purposes.

Making the Right Choice

Given the lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic and the fast-growing nature of Westfield, this is an ideal time for local companies to assess their business phone system. Increasing remote work and e-commerce are forcing many businesses to stop putting off long-overdue upgrades to their communication systems. In addition to providing top-level interactions with customers, potential customers and clients, a modern business phone system can offer more reliability, speed and security.

Furthermore, the future of global business is uncertain. Disruptions in a small part of the globe can have major repercussions and flexibility will be essential to success in the 21st-century economy. A modern business phone system is one easy step a company can take to ensure it’s prepared for the future.

How Taylored Systems Can Help

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to business phone systems. When it comes to assessing all of your options, whether it’s IP phone systems for medium business units, PBX systems for large organizations, or a Unified Communications solution, Taylored Systems can be a trusted advisor.

For years, we’ve been a proud supplier of business phone solutions in central Indiana. Our years of experience and deep knowledge of the latest technology can translate into your company having exactly what it needs from a modern business phone system.

But also, we offer so much more than Westfield, Indiana business telephone solutions. We can now provide your company with a number of communications, IT and security technologies. Contact us today to discuss the best ways to upgrade your business technology.