Welcome Indiana State Bar Association!

Thank you for visiting us from Indiana State Bar Association. Due to our valuable relationship we would like to offer discounted materials and labor rates, as well as a free bill analysis and network assessment!

Network Assessment and Bill Analysis

Taylored Systems wants to understand how your business operates, roles people play, and key performance indicators to help you determine how VoIP and optimized IT efforts can assist with productivity and profitability.

Our network assessment is a deep dive into your current technology landscape. This will help us determine where you are, where you want to be, and how we can help get you there.

We will take our research one step further with a comprehensive bill analysis. This will ensure we are providing the most cost savings and efficiencies.

We then provide you with a detailed quote involving all of the products and services we recommend. Last, we sign the agreement with you and get to work!

discovery processWe examine your business’s unique needs

quoting processWe provide a detailed quote

agreementWe sign the agreement and get to work!

But Don’t Take Our Word For It

When Wooden and McLaughlin expanded their footprint into Evansville they contacted Taylored Systems. We used the VoIP features of the CIX and ATT fiber to make the two locations look and act as one when clients call in to the law firm. All of the Evansville and Indianapolis attorneys have local private lines that reflect the city they are working out of, but the non-private calls for each office are answered in Indianapolis.
– Wooden Mclaughlin

In 2015, long-time Taylored customer Norris Choplin and Schroeder asked a quote on a new IP phone system. We set them up with a new Zultys MX250 in 2015, with VoIP features that benefited all the employees, making them more productive and allowing faster communications between them and their clients.
– Norris Choplin and Schroeder