VoIP Unified Communications Solutions: September 2017 Lunch and Learn Recap

Taylored Systems Lunch and Learn

What’s better than plain old lunch? Lunch served with a side of knowledge!

At Taylored’s Lunch and Learn seminars, our goal is to help busy professionals kill two birds with one stone: learn about the available technology options for their small to mid-sized business and get a hot meal in the process.

In September’s edition, we addressed the need for more robust, streamlined business communications options that can keep up with today’s ever-evolving modern workplace. Specifically, we discussed how VoIP unified communications solutions offer businesses a more flexible alternative to conventional phone systems while reducing their reliance on external programs and applications. Below, you’ll find a brief recap of the highlights.

  • Mobility Features for Today’s Workplace Challenges. The way we do work is changing. Professionals don’t just sit at their desks anymore — they jet off to client lunches, hold impromptu calls outside packed seminars and put out after-hours fires in their living rooms. Because the very definition of work is becoming more fluid and diverse, teams need a solution that they can access on the fly, regardless of where their nameplate sits.

During our September session, we talked about how the mobility feature in Unified Communications frees businesses to do their work remotely. Your team can access the service directly from their cell phones — including through a chat feature for those times where a phone call isn’t appropriate. Likewise, with desktop integration, instant messaging and conferencing, you can use our phone systems to replace myriad applications, such as Go2Meeting, WebEx, Skype and Slack.

  • Streamlining Services for High-Level Performance. With our all-in-one installs, you’ll use the same product, the same software and the same handsets, no matter how you deploy the solution. Our enterprise communications partner, Zultys, has an outstanding record for versatility in its equipment. In fact, in September’s forum, we discussed how Zultys was able to equip Amazon’s warehouse workers with phone service through its UPC scanning wands.
  • Planning for an Event-free, Growth-Heavy Future. Moving your phone service over IP requires a well-articulated redundancy plan in case of outages. We talked about how we’ve been able to leverage the Zultys cloud for these kinds of failures and implement backup servers so that phone service can continue uninterrupted.

Of course, any technology strategy you employ should ultimately position your business for future growth. ZAC, Zultys Advanced Communicator software, allows you to expand your phone system into a true interoffice communication platform, used for data collaboration between photo, video, social media and group sharing. That means you can chat, schedule a group webinar and access your voicemail right from your screen, keeping you informed and connected — no matter where you are.

Mark Your Calendars for December’s Lunch and Learn

Ready for even more technological food for thought? At December’s Lunch and Learn series, we’ll be dishing up techniques to connect — and protect — your IT network as you begin to fold in more Wi-Fi-enabled devices. We’ll talk about how thieves and cybercriminals can use these “smart” products as an entry point into your network and what you can do to lock them out.

In the spirit of the season, we’ll also be helping the less fortunate in our area by donating to the Toys for Tots and Adopt a Family programs. Please come with an open mind — and an open heart — and join us at Taylored Systems for an afternoon of learning, dining and giving.

Holiday Lunch and Learn: IT Security and Wi-Fi

When: Tuesday, December 5, 2017

(11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.)

Where: Taylored Systems

14701 Cumberland Road, Ste. 100

Noblesville, IN 46060

Visit our Lunch and Learn page for more information and to register for the seminar. See you there!