Small to midsize
organizations are now
facing the same
cyberthreats as large corporations

Only Taylored Is Helping SMBs Like Yours Get the Most Out of Their Security Investment

With more than three decades of experience creating customized technology solutions, Taylored knows what it takes to get SMBs the most for their money. We’ve put that knowledge to work for you here.

We had your business in mind when we wrote “Get the Most Out of Your IT Spend: Enterprise-Quality Network and Server Security Solutions on SMB Budgets.” 

Taylored Systems has compiled this knowledge base for you to use right now:
  • The real cost of a network or server security event

    Learn about the top network security threats and 4 ways they can damage your company.

  • 5 server security tips & best practices to secure your server

    With the true costs of cybersecurity incidents in mind, business owners can better understand the value of investing in the proper network and server security tools and solutions. 

  • Why smart security isn’t plug-and-play

    As with any business solution, it’s important to remember that simply purchasing the right tools is not enough. 

  • Maximizing cybersecurity ROI

    Learn how to determine where your investment is best spent and what aspects of IT security you might be able to save on. 

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IT Security Spend”

The Cost of Cybercrimes
to Businesses

Financially speaking, the cost of cybercrime is extremely high and is only expected to increase. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, the cybercrime impact is expected to reach $6 trillion in 2021 and nearly double that by 2025. This means that, depending on the type of threat actor, SMBs could face unprecedented costs using the break/fix method. 

Customers trust Taylored Systems

I've worked with Taylored Systems on many projects for a company/facility over 7 years. We continue to
ask Taylored to assist as we have just one IT/Field Ops Specialist on site (me). The job most recently completed is done nicely and works wonderfully. I highly recommend anyone to use Taylored Systems for IT/Communications/Security etc.

— Amanda S. IT Professional at Amcor 

Stop threats before they reach your network and servers

A lack of awareness about potential cybersecurity threats puts small to midsize businesses at risk of dire consequences, leaving them unprepared and without the tools to combat and defend against them.

Learn about the most prevalent network and server security risks for SMBs in today’s technology landscape, and what you can do to stop them.  

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“Get the Most Out of Your
IT Security Spend”