Most businesses rely on some form of cloud computing for data storage, server hosting and online applications. However, the cloud can also be used to support a variety of IP-based solutions, including phone systems and call paths, surveillance and access controls.

These hosted tools are virtualized, meaning that associated servers exist offsite. This allows cloud services customers to receive all the benefits of the cloud — scalability, affordability and reduced maintenance — applied to new technologies and systems.

Taylored Systems cloud services offer a way to harness these virtualized systems without a heavy investment in new cabling or hardware. Our packages can be customized so that you receive exactly the features you need — nothing more, nothing less. Take a look below at all Taylored cloud services has to offer for a truly interconnected office.

Hosted PBX

Many companies want the flexibility of voice over IP (VoIP) without all the unnecessary features, expensive hardware and equipment costs of an enterprise phone suite. Maybe you only need two phones instead of the four that come with your system. Maybe you only need calling and messaging, not video conferencing or call recording.

Hosted PBX offers a solution. It’s a virtualized phone network hosted in an offsite database. Because the network server is located off premises, businesses that choose hosted PBX avoid the equipment costs and maintenance requirements of an on-premise system.

Unlike hosted voice, which requires a full-featured enterprise system, hosted PBX allows you to customize your phone system. You can choose the features you’d like to enable as well as the number of phones you need. You can even route your hosted phone network through your existing PBX system.

Benefits Include:

  • Choose only the features you need
  • Easily add phone lines and implement new features
  • Commport platform lets you easily manage your PBX system
  • Compatible with Taylored’s mobility package, which offers access to PBX features from smartphones, laptops and tablets
  • No onsite server to manage
  • Easily add bandwidth and storage for a future-proofed phone system

SIP Trunking

VoIP phone systems have existed for years, allowing businesses to harness the connectivity and flexibility of the internet. However, these systems often require an on-premise server and a dedicated circuit or line, making them costly and difficult to maintain for some businesses.

SIP trunking allows businesses to take advantage of VoIP using shared lines, like an internet connection. There’s no need for a dedicated circuit from a local phone carrier or a primary rate interface (PRI), hardware and wiring. Instead, these calls are routed virtually over existing internet connections for low-maintenance IP call paths that work with your existing PBX phone system and are compatible with unified communications platforms.

Unlike PRI connections, which are set at 24 call paths, SIP trunking allows you to add as many or as few lines as you need. And because call systems are virtualized, you won’t need to add hardware or wiring when it’s time to increase call capacity.

Benefits Include:

  • Predictable billing
  • Easier to add additional lines and capacity
  • Upgrade without changing phone numbers
  • You pay only for the number of lines you need
  • Unlimited local and long distance calling
  • Geographical routing and call balancing between offices
  • Advanced call recording capability

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