Value of Training and Support

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Training-1When Taylored Systems began in 1982, the job of training employees, customers, or myself was my job as well as pretty much all the jobs. It has always been apparent to me that training was key to helping customers understand not only how to use the equipment and software, but how to adapt the applications available to their needs. As the company grew, I hired our first business phone support trainer in 1986. Then it was a part of a job with many responsibilities, where today it is a full-time job of one person. It’s ingrained in all employees that training is something we do no matter what our job classification.

As the phone systems today are more and more part of the network, we need network support to make all products work together. All products we provide today touch the network in some way whether it is the telephone, computer, carriers, access control, or etc. Solutions training and solutions support are ingrained into our employee training from day one. Every technician is trained in their area of expertise, Honeywell, Zutlys, Toshiba, Axis and many other manufacturers we represent. Each technician is able to get manufacturer support on issues that aren’t seen every day and specific applications that may only be used by one or two customers. Our technicians, sales staff, and support staff are trained regularly on the equipment and systems that they use, install, repair, and support. Some cross-training takes place, because everyone can’t always be where they need to be on their job, and/or supporting customers. There are always vacations to cover, or sick and personal days. Training is important to keep our business and the businesses we support rolling along.

Training-2Taylored Systems also makes available extended manufacturer training to customers who are large enough to require a specialist on their staff. Taylored Systems can back-up our customers who need network support and network solution support on their equipment and software. Taylored Systems understands and believes in the customer need for training. We include unlimited training to all of our customers on maintenance agreements; Taylored Complete and Taylored Complete Plus Plans. These plans allow for a fixed monthly, quarterly or annual cost to our customers. This allows our customers to budget the cost into their future technology needs and know that unlimited training is included.

When you are buying technology, make sure the company you are considering has training support from the manufacturers and software developers they represent. Make sure they have proper instruction and ongoing training on all the products that you are considering. Is this training included in the cost or is this an additional cost to your company?

When it comes to training, this is one of my favorite questions and answers: “Why would I want to train my employees and risk they could leave?”…..”What if you didn’t train your employees and they stayed?”