Client Name: Wooden Mclaughlin

Location: Indianapolis and Evansville, Indiana

Project Details: In 2014, Wooden McLaughlin was looking for a new telephone vendor to service their existing Toshiba CIX 670 phone system. They were looking for a partner when it came to all their telephone needs. After talking with many Toshiba providers they chose us because of what we had to offer: certified technicians, a knowledgeable sales person and supporting staff. Over the next few years, we became not just a vendor but a trusted advisor and partner helping with their Toshiba and their carrier services. When Wooden and McLaughlin expanded their footprint into Evansville they contacted Taylored Systems. Through discussions, we were able to understand their needs and provide a cost-effective solution by making some minor changes to the existing phone system to fit their needs. We used the VoIP features of the CIX and ATT fiber to make the two locations look and act as one when clients call in to the law firm. All of the Evansville and Indianapolis attorneys have local private lines that reflect the city they are working out of, but the non-private calls for each office are answered in Indianapolis. We were able to expand their existing Toshiba VoIP system and use ATT and Windstream to maximize their carrier needs.

Services Provided: Business Phone Systems, Structured Cabling

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